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Renault Tyres - How to Check Tyre Wear


Renault Tyres Dublin

Tyres are part of the "Safety Triangle" along with brakes and shock absorbers.

They are the only point of contact between your vehicle and the road! This is why Renault offers you fixed prices adapted to your need.

The Warning Sign

  • Pressure in the tyres
  • A worn or deformed tyre tread
  • Vibrations in the steering wheel or unusual noises in the passenger compartment
  • A tendency of the vehicle to go to one side instead of going straight 

If you notice one of these signs, have your tyres checked in one of our workshops. Our experts are on hand to advise you.

Renault Advice

Some signs may indicate wear on your tyres:

  • Insufficient tyre pressure
  • Worn or distorted tread
  • Vibrations in the steering wheel or unusual noises in the cabin
  • A tendency for the vehicle to pull to one side instead of rolling straight
  • A deterioration of handling on wet roads

In order to prolong the life of your tyres, we recommend that you:

  • Check pressure monthly and before any long journey
  • Monitor the state of wear of your tyres regularly
  • Change your tyres in pairs. Raise new tyres at the rear
  • Get the balancing checked and set correctly

Under inflation of tyres can lead to a tyre blowout. You will find the ideal pressure inside your door. The pressure must be taken cold (when you have driven less than 3 km).

In the winter months, winter tyres are more efficient when the temperature is below 7(degrees)C.

The Renault Solution

Who can maintain your Renault better than Renault?

Entrusting us with the maintenance of your tyres means benefiting from tailored fixed prices for a detailed fault finding which includes:

  • A systematic check of the wear of your tyres
  • Changing and switching your tyres
  • Wheel alignment and geometry adjustment
  • Balancing of the wheels

A team of specialist technicians will take care of your vehicle to offer you the most appropriate solution. You will therefore be guaranteed a perfect result.


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