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Hello and welcome to Renault Retail Group Belgard

Renault Retail Group Ireland

Here at Renault Retail Group, our priority is you, our customer. When you deal with us, we want you to love the experience and it’s not just about buying a car or booking a service or arranging finance; it’s about being looked after. It’s about caring for you and your car. It’s about building long lasting relationships that live on long after you’ve left the showroom.

And that’s why we make the following promises to you

•    we will always be open and transparent
•    to finish any service work on time as agreed;
•    to provide an invoice that matches the quote you were given;
•    and to ensure that all our staff are competent, conscientious and polite at all times.

And don’t forget, Renault Retail Group is 100% owned by Renault. In fact, we sell one in every four Renault vehicles in Europe. Our staff know our cars as well as the people who built them. They’re all fully trained to the high standards you’d expect from Renault.
And for extra peace of mind, here are a few little facts you might not already know:
Did you know that Renault sell their engines to Nissan, Samsung, Dacia and Avtovaz? And they’re officially the most efficient engines in the world?

Did you know that one third of F1 teams use Renault power? 

And did you know that Renault is not only one of the most innovative car manufacturers in the world, they’re also the second oldest car brand on the planet?

So when you deal with Renault Retail Group, you’re dealing with the heritage, history and reputation of Renault. Hopefully you’ll find everything you need to know here on our website. But if you have any questions, we’re only a phone call away.